Air Quality Monitoring

Birdz is fully involved in a strategic commitment to address the air quality challenge on a global scale. We provide solutions to monitor indoor and outdoor air quality, identify issues with potential impacts on building occupants’ health. 

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better air in our buildings

Indoor Air Quality

We work with the best indoor air quality sensors to monitor CO2 and volatil compound in your office buildings or in your schools and generate alarms or direct actions on your ventilation system.

Outdoor Air Quality

We collect data from outdoor air quality sensors and analyze them in our IoT Drive platform. We leverage our rule engine to anticipate issues and generate alarms to warn operators and plan city-wide actions.

How does it work ?

Birdz works with air quality experts to provide the most suitable and relevant solutions to cities, to territories and to building owners. Sensors are connected to IoT networks such as LoRaWAN, NB-IoT or 3G/4G and data are collected and analyzed into the Birdz IoT Drive software platform. We then deliver the most relevant information as alarms, user-friendly web interfaces and/or in your cloud platform.

Illustrations of our solution