Building Efficiency

Birdz helps you save energy and increase comfort in your buildings. Our solution can identify situations where heating, water boilers or HVAC are consuming while they should be in economy mode, or where temperature is higher than 

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average energy savings

Temperature monitoring

Analyzing indoor temperature helps identify energy waste (e.g. heating without any presence) and zones of discomfort in the building.

Energy metering

Birdz's platform collects millions of energy kWh and water m3 and analyzes them to identify abnormal consumption and over-consuming floors.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is directly related to occupant's efficiency and comfort. Birdz's IoT platform provides a powerful rule engine and online dashboard to detect and fix issues.

Presence detection

Birdz's IoT platform provides a cross-analysis of energy consumption, temperature and presence data to identify waste of energy in your buildings.

How does it work ?

Birdz has selected the best energy and water meters, as well as temperature, presence and air quality sensors on the market. We connect them through cellular or LoRaWAN networks to the DataBirdz Platform to provide you with online building energy efficiency dashboards and send you energy waste alarms.

Start a project with us...

Do you manage public or private buildings, offices, schools, university campuses or industrial facilities ? Let’s get in touch and run through our project methodology :

Step 1 : Analyze your assets and energy invoices

Step 2 : Set your objectives together

Step 3 : Select the appropriate solution and calculate associated business case

Step 4 : Install sensors and provide you with online dynamic dashboards & alarms

... and get outstanding benefits

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Up to 30% energy savings

Our solution detects energy waste situation

Up to 20% less water consumption

Our solution identifies water leaks

Enhanced comfort in your buildings

Our solution monitors temperature & air quality

Increase building's value

Our solution enhances building energy index