IoT Drive, the environmental IoT platform

Environmental IoT is a jungle. Thousands of networks, connectors, protocols and proprietary data format prevents customers from plugging their IoT sensors  to their applications to take full benefit of IoT. IoT Drive, Birdz’s environmental IoT software, makes it super easy to connect any sensor to any application through any network. 

Supported Networks

LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, Sigfox, Homerider, MQTT, UDP, TCP, OPC and many other connectors

Key features

IoT Drive provides 4 levels of software intelligence :

  • a wide variety of connectors (LoRaWAN, Sigfox, TCP, UDP, REST, NB-IoT, MQTT, LwM2M and more)
  • a flexible and easy way to decode any proprietary data payload
  • a powerful rule engine to calculate additional data, generate actions, alarms and reports in various situation
  • a feature-rich dashboard editor to provide your users with the data they need in the format they want

Data Collect

Collect from most LoRaWAN network servers

UDP, TCP, MQTT, REST and many other connectors

Endless configurable data payload decoders with JavaScript support

Compatible with the uCIFI standardized data model

Data Analytics

Flexible rule engine

More than 50 logic blocks

Data aggregation

Calculated data


Maps, history charts, graphs, tables, lists and many other real time widgets

Data exports

Multi-tenant, user access control, high security


Secured solution