The FilLink sensor is a level measurement sensor for waste containers. It uses dual level measurement technology (ultrasound and laser) to ensure a high level of accuracy and to adapt to all types of waste.

The data is available on the IoT Drive platform and in the BinVision software to optimise waste collection routes.

Supported networks


Key features

The FilLink sensor is used to measure the filling level of waste containers from several streams: Household Garbage / Packaging / Glass

● The FilLink sensor uses dual measurement technology (Ultrasound & Laser) to increase the filling level measurement accuracy and limit shadow zone phenomena

● The fill level information generated makes it possible to optimize truck collection rounds, prevent container overflows and reduce the number of garbage truck rounds

● The FilLink sensor is designed to accommodate different sizes and materials of waste containers and has the following installation options:
○ Radio antenna internal to the sensor or external remote radio antenna
○ Direct fixing to the ceiling of the container or with fixing bracket

Metering values

Filling level of waste containers

Emptying detection


Alarms collected

Container almost full

Fire hazard


Optimize truck collection rounds

Prevent container overflows

Reduce the number of garbage truck rounds