G3 water meter

The G3 water meter technology allows continuous monitoring of water meter activity. It can be used both in radio reading with mobile collection rounds or in remote reading via an IoT radio network.

Supported Networks

Key features

G3 technology integrates a series of business alarms to inform the operator and the subscriber of abnormal events: leaks, freezing, blocked meter, under-metering.

G3 technology is compatible with Itron, Diehl Metering, Honeywell for its compact version. A remote version is compatible with the same brands and in addition the Sensus and ARAD brands via the connection to a compatible pulse transmitter.

Metering values

Hourly water volume


Alarms collected

No consumption

High consumption

Low temperature

Continuous water flow


Data exports to your invoicing engine

Data analytics to identify water waste and theft

Above 10 years of battery lifetime

Encrypted data flow