Gas Trak

The Gas Trak sensor measures and collects pulse index in a ATEX environment. This product is ideal to collect gas consumption from any existing gas meter with a pulse output.

Supported Networks

Key features

The Gas Trak sensor is a robust product that can be installed in any environment. Its long-lifetime battery makes it an efficient complement to any gas meter. The Gas Trak sensor benefits from Birdz’s IoT expertise to provide the right data, collected over Homerider and/or LoRaWAN network with a minimum battery consumption.

Metering values

Cumulated pulse index

Hourly consumption


Alarms collected

No consumption

High consumption

Low temperature

Fraud detected


Data exports to your invoicing engine

Data analytics to identify waste and theft

ATEX certified to be installed in explosive environments

Above 10 years of battery lifetime

Encrypted data flow