Huba, Liquid level sensor

The Huba liquid level sensor provides liquid levels in tank to anticipate refueling. The Huba sensor measures liquid level by pressure differential. Huba is ATEX certified to operate in explosive atmosphere. 

Supported Networks

Key features

The Huba sensor can be mounted on most liquid and gas tanks. It monitors filling level for liquids, gas, petrol, fuel and AdBlue to anticipate emptiness and plan refueling. The Huba sensor is a robust and long-lifetime battery product that benefits from Birdz’s IoT expertise to provide a maximum of data collected over Homerider and/or LoRaWAN network with a minimum battery.

Metering values

Liquid level

Liquid temperature

Battery level

Alarms collected

Low liquid level

High temperature

Low battery level


Tank level monitoring software application

Data exports

Above 10 years of battery lifetime

Encrypted data flow