Sensoneo Quatro Sensor

The Sensoneo Quatro Sensor is used to monitor the fill level of large capacity waste containers.

Supported networks

Sensoneo Quatro Sensor

Key features

Sensoneo Quatro Sensor enables the monitoring of the fill level of large capacity waste containers.

● Via the operator portal (BinVision), the collected fill level information helps to prevent container overflow and optimise collection rounds.

● It uses 4 ultrasonic sensors (2 transmitters and 2 receivers) to measure a vacuum height ranging from 20 to 400 cm. This system allows a good accuracy of measurement of the filling level and limits the phenomena of shadow zones.

● The Quatro Sensor is equipped with an accelerometer allowing the detection of the emptying of the container. Its measurement frequency, internal clock as well as the communication protocols are configurable via the Bluetooth Configurator application.

● With a standard usage of 4 frames per day the life span of the Quatro Sensor is approximately 7 years. A “low battery” alert informs the operator to replace the battery.

Metering values

Filling level of waste containers

Emptying detection

Alarms collected

Container almost full

Low battery


Optimize truck collection rounds

Prevent container overflows