Smart Waste

Birdz provides both waste container filling sensors as well as smart waste software to predict waste container filling dates and optimize waste collection routes for waste trucks. 

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savings in waste collection

Filling level monitoring

Measure filling levels in waste containers and analyze them to predict the best date and time to collect waste depending on your teams and trucks.

Container alarming

Identify alarms such as containers out of position, the container on fire or full container and trigger the associated actions and alarms.

How does it work ?

Birdz designs industrial ultrasonic filling level sensors that accurately detect the real filling level.

Birdz also works in partnership with Sensoneo and has integrated several of their products (Single and Quatro Sensor).

They communicate through a variety of low power area networks, including Homerider and LoRaWAN. 

Filling level data collected by Birdz’s IoT Driver software are delivered to BinVision software which predicts and calculates the right date of collection for each container.

Illustrations of our solutions

Start a project with us...

Do you want to reduce your waste collection costs ? Let’s get in touch and run through our project methodology:

Step 1 : Analyze your context and technical constraints

Step 2 : Set your objectives together

Step 3 : Deploy sensors and provide you with metering data as well as alarms detected by our sensors

... and get outstanding benefits

Reduce waste collection route

Our solution predicts waste filling dates

Identify alarms in waste containers

Our solution identifies high temperature in containers and containers that are out of position

Optimize the position of containers

Data provided by our sensors help you identify where and when you should position your waste containers in the city