Tripulse Trak

Birdz’s Tripulse product can read up to three pulse meters. An ideal product for building energy efficiency applications to read electrical, gas and/or water meters all-in-one.

Supported Networks

Key features

Birdz Tripulse connects to any electrical, gas or water meter that provides a pulse output. It collects meter index from up to 3 meters and identify alarms. Birdz provides you with the collected data, as well as aggregated hourly consumption and alarms as data exports in the format of your choice, or in our Fusion software.  

Metering values

Pulse index 1

Pulse index 2

Pulse index 3


Alarms collected

No or low consumption

Permanent flow or consumption

High/Low temperature

Low battery


Data exports of cumulated index as well as hourly data

Data history & dashboards


Encrypted data flow