Water Metering

Birdz shares its 20 years of experience in water metering with you. Our IoT devices can be connected to any existing or new water meter (Itron, Sensus, Diehl and many others). Our field application networks, our IoT platforms and our water applications brings you all the benefits from automatic water meter reading at your fingertips. 

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Automated meter reading

Read and collect water (and other) meter index through low-power area networks and/or through walk by/drive by mechanisms to feed water billing processes

Water issue identification

Identify water leaks, high temperature, frozen meters, backwater flow, no or low consumption and notify the right operation team to fix the problem.

How does it work ?

Birdz designs water meters which communicate through a variety of low power area networks, including Homerider and LoRaWAN. Metering data collected by the Birdz IoT platform are delivered to utilities or to your end-customers as a ready-to-use App or in the data format of your choice (e.g. daily exports, cloud data lake).

We even commit to data delivery with various possible Service Level Agreements. 

Illustrations of our solutions

Start a project with us...

You provide drinking water and manage water meters in a city or for a utility ? Let’s get in touch and run through our project methodology:

Step 1 : Analyze your context and technical constraints

Step 2 : Set your objectives together

Step 3 : Select the most appropriate solution and calculate the associated business case

Step 4 : Deploy sensors and provide you with metering data as well as alarms detected by our sensors

... and get outstanding benefits

Reduce the waste of water

Our solution detects water leaks

Enhance water billing processes

Our solution provides you with accurate meter readings every day

Detect issues for your customers

Our solution detects issues such as leaks, blocked water, back flow, no consumption and low temperature.

Get prepared for the future

With our solution, no need to enter the customer's home. Remote meter reading is compatible with pandemic situations.