Work at Birdz & change the world

At Birdz, we care about gender equality and we care about the environment. We are passionate about technology and we are lucky to contribute to a better world

Work for the environment

At Birdz, we feel lucky to contribute to a healthier and more sustainable environment. We contribute to save energy and resources in cities with our technology, our ideas and our actions.

Passion for technology

At Birdz, we play with the latest electronic, networking and software technology. Of course, we have lots of legacy technology to maintain but we also leverage the latest technologies every day.

Gender equality

At Birdz, we are proud to have a gender equality index of 89/100. To know more about how the gender equality index is calculated click here.

IoT, a growing market

The IoT market is growing fast and Birdz is the n°1 IoT player in Europe. With our focus on high-value environmental IoT application for cities and utilities, we are lucky to participate to exceptional projects.

Innovation & design

At Birdz, we design product and deliver projects from A to Z. Our team is involved in all aspect of an IoT project, from hardware design to network planning, from software development to project delivery.

Still lots to build with you

We are at the beginning of a long and great adventure. Do you like our values ? Do you also want to contribute to design a better world with Birdz ? Come and apply for a job with us...

Come & work with Birdz !

As a team member or as a business partner, we’d love to join forces with you to help cities & utilities save energy and resources. Contact us !