BIRDZ offers a wide range of solutions designed to help suppliers and local authorities monitor and optimise water grid performance.

BIRDZ makes it possible to collect multiple types of operational data within a single flexible radio network.

BIRDZ turns your data into information services that provide expert guidance for decisions about the maintenance and management of your assets (intelligent meters, piping, fire hydrants and wash-out hydrants).

Network output

Between the drinking water plant and the end consumer, supply grids lose a significant portion of the water produced, due to leaks that are often undetected.

This loss is estimated to represent as much as 25% of production. In France, this means that out of the 6 billion m3 of drinking water produced every year, 1.5 billion m3 is wasted. These losses represent a significant cost for the supplier, largely due to the costs of production and the energy needed to pump and treat the water. There is also an impact on all stakeholders due to the extra use of water resources, which can be avoided.

Furthermore, drops in network pressure can turn these leaks into entry points for dirty water, creating problems for residents.

These economic factors are accompanied by legislative ones. For example, in France, the decisions of the Grenelle 2 committee, as expressed in decree no. 2012-97 of 27 January 2012, introduce two new obligations for public services: establish detailed grid inventories and, for underperforming grids, implement action plans to deal with leaks.

This decree therefore requires suppliers and communities to continuously manage the output of their network.

The BIRDZ “Grid Management” service is a solution enabling the continuous monitoring of grid output and helps detect leaks, based on an approach using district meters and hydraulic assessments.

This service provides daily calculations of several performance indicators for the water grid: volume of water supplied, volume of water consumed, apparent losses, grid output, linear loss index (LLI), night-time flow.

Once the output information has been obtained and the least reliable sectors identified, the application enables search teams to be informed of the areas with the most significant leaks. This is all made possible by the information obtained from leak noise loggers.

Fire hydrant monitoring and operation solution

APILINK from BIRDZ is a connected measuring system for fire hydrants that provides a range of useful information for the supplier. This lets the supplier identify and assess Unaccounted-For Volumes (UFV), as well as reduce:

> Water waste and theft affecting the efficiency of the drinking water network

> hydraulic malfunctions that can cause the quality of the supplied water to deteriorate (prolonged overload, pressure drops)

> hydraulic shocks that can contribute to pipe deterioration (excess pressure and water hammers)

The APILINK module from BIRDZ is installed as a replacement for the original operating nut capping the operating stem.  It complies with regulatory requirements (AFNOR, CEM, COFRAC laboratory resistance testing, etc.) and features electronic sensors submerged in resin with an IP 68 protective seal. It has a lifespan of over 5 years under normal fire hydrant usage conditions.

The information is available via a web portal that uses integrated algorithms to provide advanced digital features and services and issue relevant alerts (by e-mail or SMS) to authorised recipients:

> number of opening turns

> correct or excessive speed of opening/closing

> total opening time/open for excessive duration

> estimated volume drawn based on hydrant opening level

> hydrant tipped over

> temperature/risk of freezing

> detection of permanent flow or incomplete closure

> identification of typical hydrant control cycle

> configuration of detection thresholds: on wake, flow, shock, periodic tests, extended period without being opened

> system operation indicator

Developed by BIRDZ in collaboration with drinking water grid operators, this system is designed to be practical and open: compatible with multiple brands of fire hydrants, multiple diameters, and multiple radio communication protocols.

In addition, the time required for installation and maintenance is an undeniable advantage when costing projects, with on-site fitting of a hydrant taking just ten minutes!


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