BIRDZ works actively to optimise environmental resources.
Our portfolio of robust and non-intrusive smart sensors enables the development of turnkey solutions to promote cost-efficient energy performance.

BIRDZ provides the managers of building stock with a complete remote metering service to monitor multi-utility consumption (water, gas, electricity, etc.) and the correct functioning of fittings (heating, etc.).

The BIRDZ range of sensors includes sensors for: temperature, pressure, change of state, 4-20mA and air quality.

Energy consumption management

For building managers, BIRDZ has developed an open Energy Expenditures Control system.

Controlling energy consumption: a key factor in economic profitability
The cost of energy is constantly rising, making energy consumption a key factor in ensuring economic profitability in managing buildings, which consume large amounts of energy. According to ADEME, industrial and service sector buildings still represent a major portion of the country’s total energy consumption.

The comfort and health of occupants: an important social issue
The primary purpose of a building is to offer its occupants a consistent level of quality in terms of comfort and working conditions. Energy efficiency no longer needs to come at the expense of comfort. On the contrary, BIRDZ solutions also make it possible to optimise the management of hot or cold temperatures and to implement and develop a comprehensive energy-saving strategy that incorporates consumption control, as well as the quality of living standards for your building.

Multi-utility metering


Controlling infrastructure energy expenditure

Measuring energy consumption for the following 5 types of usage: Heating, cooling, clean hot water, electricity outlets, other

Information about energy consumption is sent via a remote metering system. The transmission of this information is made by possible by a radio infrastructure consisting of:

> radio sensors for obtaining and transmitting data on a regular basis

> radio repeaters if necessary for relaying data to the hub

> a hub known as the “Call Rider” to collect the data and send it on to the information system

> data is processed by the servers then made available to users via a Fusion web application or export

Key points of BIRDZ solutions

> Easy to install

> Proven reliability in any environment (IP 66 sensor)

> Scalable solution

> Long radio range (up to several hundred metres indoors and 8 km in free-field conditions, extendable up to 3 times using repeaters)

> Self-sufficiency: all the sensors are energy self-sufficient and battery-powered

> Long battery life due to optimised communications

Long radio range (up to several hundred metres indoors and 8 km in open field conditions, which can be extended up to 3 times using repeaters)

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