BIRDZ remote fuel and gas tank gauging uses wireless technology. The solution involves communicating operational information via a radio protocol common to all the sensors to gateways which relay this data, so that it can be processed, used and displayed on web service portals.

These solutions incorporate different measurement techniques, depending on the nature of the product being measured and the operational data.

Secure your supply

Magneto Trak Radio, the premium remote gauging solution from BIRDZ

Radio technology: more independence for increased reliability
To ensure optimum reliability, the system needs to be as stand-alone as possible: no wires, no electricity supply, no manual intervention. BIRDZ remote radio gauging eliminates the role of chance from your tank gauging as much as possible, leaving you in control of your information and how it is used…

> Organising your operational safety
Your operations are protected from any power supply-related incident (power cuts, work, maintenance) and any human risk, as the remote radio metering completely replaces manual metering. The sensor is fully stand-alone for 5 years.

> Every useful measurement, in real-time
You can measure the fuel level, water level at the bottom of the tank, and temperature of the product, all in real time. The real-time measurements are displayed on a local screen to make deliveries more secure (verification of level before delivery) and prevent overflowing (real-time monitoring of filling rate). They are then sent to you by GPRS, and are accessible via an internet application.

Optimise your operating costs

RTMS (Remote Tank Monitoring System)

Remote gauging for fuel, LPG, petrol, additives, lubricants, Adblue, etc. Wireless technology using different measurement techniques, depending on the product being measured: absolute pressure, ultrasound, Rochester Hall effect gauge

Hourly level reading. Level information updated up to eight times daily on the web application. View fuel data and statistics on the Internet.

Optimise your gas logistics

> Optimising your supply logistics
You will be able to incorporate your own logistics constraints into customer data, adapting your routes not only to their needs but also to the transport capacities and filling rates of your vehicles.

> Satisfaction of your customers
You will have access to a predictive analysis tool that guarantees the quality of your logistics service when dealing with your customers. You will also be able to respond quickly to incidents via an SMS or e-mail alert system.

Remote consumption metering also allows you to offer billing based on actual consumption.

Organisation of maintenance The BIRDZ solution ensures the safety of equipment and allows you to plan your maintenance and avoid any disruption of the power supply.


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