G3 - smart water meter

Radio protocols

Cities and territories are moving towards a digital transition of their businesses in order to increase the efficiency of user services and create smart cities. With the emergence of new IoT communication networks, the smart city is no longer a concept, but a reality.

A recognised player in the field of connected water management instrumentation, BIRDZ continues to innovate and is launching a new range of communication products integrating these new IoT technologies, thus offering water operators innovative ways to meet the challenges of water management and respond to the challenges of the city of tomorrow.

What is the G3?

The G3 is positioned as the multi-protocol evolution of the G2. It combines the intelligence of the latter whilst offering more services to water network operators.
Equipped with better, agile and secure radio connectivity, the G3 integrates LoRaWAN and SIGFOX radio protocol management in addition to HOMERIDER® proprietary protocols.

Interoperability of services

Regardless of the communication network through which the data travels, Birdz is able to provide the necessary services to the operators in a completely transparent way.





product sheets


G3 compact ITRON


This LPWA Multiprotocol G3 Module is designed specifically for use with ITRON Brand counters, all diameters

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