Birdz, Environmental IoT Leader With more than 3 million connected objects deployed around the world,
Birdz is the leader in IoT solutions for cities, industry and the service sector.
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Birdz solutions Environmental Solutions Air, Water, Waste, Energy... Birdz, leader in Environmental IoT More about our environmental solutions Smart Water Solutions Large scale Automatic Meter Reading projects but also
Water Leak Detection and Water Quality Monitoring
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Building Efficiency Solutions Save up to 30% energy and water in your building and make them
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Smart Waste Solutions Reduce waste collection costs using Birdz's filling level
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IoT Drive, IoT Architect, IoT Lab IoT is a jungle with thousands of networks, protocols and proprietary
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and collect data from any sensor on any network.
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Environmental IoT by Birdz

The environmental footprint can be defined as all personal or collective data/information (citizens, buildings, neighborhoods and territories), relating to how natural resources are consumed or transformed (water, energy, waste, air, lighting).

“Environmental IoT” is a new market segment of the Smart City and intelligent territories. The IoT Environmental IoT groups together all or part of the IoT/digital solutions for monitoring, analyzing, regulating and optimizing the environmental footprint.

Birdz’s commitment is to design and operate new digital services, combining sustainable connected objects (IoT) and frugal computing power (lean cloud computing) to help our customers see, understand and optimize their environmental performance.

Birdz is the pioneer of Environmental IoT