01 Water Water

Birdz supports you in your sustainable and intelligent management of water networks.

02 Protection of Water and Biodiversity Protection of Water and Biodiversity

Faced with the increasing scarcity of water resources and the decline in biodiversity,we help you take action.

03 Optimisation of waste collection Optimisation of waste collection

Optimise and simplify your waste collection with our IoT solutions.

04 Monitoring of activity in buildings Monitoring of activity in buildings

We have designed a package to manage the energy costs of buildings.

05 Tank level monitoring Tank level monitoring

Plan ahead for the refilling of your tanks by continuously monitoring their fill level.

Leader in the environmental IoT

With more than 3 million connected objects deployed worldwide, Birdz is the leader in environmental IoT solutions for cities, industry and the service sector.

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Birdz supports you in your transition to the environmental IoT.

“The environmental IoT is a new market segment of the Smart City and intelligent local areas. The environmental IoT includes all or part of the IoT/digital solutions for monitoring, analysing, regulating and optimising the environmental footprint.

Birdz’ commitment is to design and operate new digital services, combining sustainable connected objects (IoT) and lean cloud computing to help our customers see, understand and optimise their environmental performance.

Our solutions

Birdz provides innovative solutions to cities, local areas, manufacturers, service providers and smart city integrators.

Discover our solutions for the environment! 

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