Birdz IoT solutions for sustainable water management

Drinking water and sanitation networks are vital for the population and local areas, and present major financial and environmental challenges.


Birdz supports you in the sustainable and intelligent management of your water networks. 


Control your water networks with continuous monitoring

To efficiently preserve drinking water resources, Birdz has devised a simple solution: remote reading of water meters (or remote metering) which, among other things, enables continuous measurement of consumption, leak detection, monitoring of network output and modernisation of the billing process.

The data collected on a daily basis offers water operators a high level of reactivity, so they can intervene in the event of leaks or over-consumption, for example. In addition, this information gives them the decision support systems they need to reduce their environmental impact. Remote reading is becoming the first step in enabling local authorities to digitise and contribute to the implementation of a local Smart City strategy.

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Water networks in France: 

France has a vast public critical drinking water network of prime utility. This dense network ensures easy access to water in every household. Because water systems are expensive to replace, pipes tend to be overused, inevitably creating leaks that are difficult to trace. Thus, 1/5 of the water circulating in the network’s pipes is wasted. These leaks have a significant economic and environmental cost. Reducing this wastage is a major challenge from an environmental, financial and societal point of view.


  • 990,000 kilometres of drinking water network in France.
  • €1,000: the cost of creating one metre of pipework.
  • 20% water loss on average over the French network.

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