Use the IoT to conserve resources and protect biodiversity

Climate changes affecting our local areas

In France, by 2030, droughts will affect up to 45% of the population in summer. Protecting water resources, ensuring air quality and conserving biodiversity are now major challenges. The reality of environmental upheavals today obliges decision-makers – elected representatives, local stakeholders – to act with determination and a sense of the common good to protect and restore balances weakened by human activity.


Elected members in charge of digital service delivery at the intersection of the planet’s challenges

Within local authorities, elected representatives in charge of Digital or Innovation can take very concrete action to put digitalisation at the service of the environment. By equipping their communities with new technologies to manage the local area, they are innovating to meet the challenges of sustainable development. Using the environmental IoT also means helping to meet regulatory obligations and national carbon emission reduction targets.


The IoT at the service of your local areas

Birdz delivers and installs innovative technologies and tools for monitoring the environmental footprint of local areas. Connected objects, IoT, artificial intelligence, dashboards for monitoring all environmental data on a city-wide scale… These are all levers for effectively monitoring the energy consumption of a local area as a whole.


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Our solutions

Empowering people to act for the environment

The fight against global warming requires everyone’s involvement. The digitalisation of a local area enables a concrete commitment from residents to achieve the environmental objectives set by public policies. Increasingly aware of their ecological impact, residents expect practical and effective tools to help them change their habits in a sustainable way, via reliable and regular indicators. With new technologies and the intelligent use of data, elected representatives now have specialised tools to involve their constituents in this challenge that concerns them all.

Birdz: the successful balance between expertise and technology

Data intelligence is essential to the efficient management of the environmental aspect of a local area. It is based on the experience of elected representatives, their knowledge of the field and of residents. These elements are decisive in the choice of the solutions we offer. In addition to the technologies we offer, our added value is also bolstered by our team of committed experts. We are convinced that it is through dialogue with those with the best knowledge of the local area that we can offer simple, flexible, intuitive and appropriate solutions.

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