Monitoring of activity in buildings

In France, buildings account for 44% of energy consumption and are the source of the majority of the health risks linked to the proliferation of bacteria in water.

Faced with these alarming ecological and health findings, Birdz has developed a range of solutions to give building managers greater control.


Environmental and health efficiency of buildings 

Birdz supports building managers in the detection of energy wastage and improvement in monitoring of the health of occupants. Our IoT solutions enable monitoring of water, electricity and gas consumption as well as the temperature of the domestic hot water system. Our dashboards inform managers of the situation in their buildings to guide them towards the corrective actions that need to be taken.

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Monitoring of building activity

Measure your energy costs

Monitor the temperature of the domestic water system

Our solutions

Domestic Hot Water Vigilance

Controlling the temperature of your building’s water system is essential to preventing the proliferation of bacteria and water contamination. We have designed a health monitoring solution to check the quality of water in the system.    Health risks related to hot water systems  The temperature of the hot water supplied to buildings is a key factor in the growth of bacteria. This risk is increased if the water stands for too long. One of the best known bacteria is the legionella bacteria known as “Legionellosis”. It is present in the natural environment and can proliferate in artificial water sites, particularly at temperatures between 25 and 55 °C. It affects an average of 1,400 people each year but this figure has been increasing since 2018. This bacterium is fatal in 10% of cases.    A public health issue As a building manager, you have a responsibility to limit the risk of bacterial growth and so ensure the safety and good health of building occupants. In France, you are also obliged to apply the provisions defined by the Order of February 1st, 2010 on the monitoring of legionellosis. The latter sets out the technical requirements applicable to collective installations for the production, storage and distribution of hot water for health, social and medico-social establishments, hotels, tourist accommodation, campsites and other establishments receiving the public.   Our solution: essential for health monitoring Birdz has designed an offer to monitor the temperature of domestic hot water networks. A system of sensors is used to prevent the risk of microbiological proliferation and to issue an alert if necessary. This installation monitoring system ensures a first level of safety and comfort to protect the health of occupants. Our end-to-end integrated package is aimed mainly at the tertiary sector, building managers and technical facilities managers. The range of sensors and technologies we use enables us to adapt to all physical configurations of the installations in place. Contact us

Management of the environmental consumption of buildings

Buildings are now the biggest consumers of energy. We have designed a package to reduce and better manage the energy expenses of buildings.   Buildings at the crossroads of ecological challenges In France, buildings are the largest consumers of energy. They account for 44% of energy consumption, compared to 31% for transport. This consumption generates more than 123 million tonnes of greenhouse gases. Moreover, natural resources are running out. However, the scarcer fossil fuels become, the more the decrease in supply will lead to higher costs, particularly for the heating of buildings. In this context, French Law No. 2015-992 of 17 August 2015 aims to ensure that all buildings in the French building inventory reach low energy consumption levels at a rate of 500,000 energy renovations per year.   Solving the environment-comfort-economy equation As the guardian of one or more buildings, you are at the intersection of these challenges. You must work to improve the well-being of occupants by ensuring the correct functioning and maintenance of the water, gas and electricity systems. At the same time, you need to ensure the energy performance of these buildings, complying with current regulations and maintaining an affordable energy bill.   Measuring and monitoring to control the energy consumption of buildings Birdz has designed a package to control the energy consumption of your buildings. This consumption monitoring system (water, gas and electricity) provides continuous information on activity from meters and so enables an alert to be triggered in the event of abnormal consumption. Birdz equips meters, ensures the installation of the IoT network and the provision of data visualisation software. The wide range of sensors and technologies that we use means we can adapt to any physical building configuration, from public buildings to hotels and small businesses. Contact us

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