Our vision: connected objects for a more sustainable future

Our vision: connected objects for a more sustainable future

Birdz is committed to meeting environmental challenges and deploys large-scale connected solutions for cities, public services, industry and actors in the service sector. As a leader in the environmental IoT, we bring together the best of connected object technologies and simplify their use. We bring together local data from across the country and transform them into useful services for the community. With our solutions, decision-makers can take action to make their policies more environmentally friendly and resource-efficient. As pioneers in the Internet of Things, we bring our unique expertise to bear to make cities smarter. Saving water and energy, protecting biodiversity, intelligent waste management, preserving air quality: we are helping to make the future sustainable and liveable.

By making the invisible visible, Birdz acts in favour of resource conservation.

Our sphere of operation for smart cities

With its long experience, Birdz is developing numerous technological solutions to the environmental challenges related to water, energy, air and biodiversity.

  • Smart monitoring of water networks
  • Smart monitoring of energy consumption
  • Smart cities
  • Smart waste collection
  • Air quality
  • Smart monitoring of biodiversity

Birdz in figures

3,400,000+ connected objects

20+ years of experience

3,300 client cities

170 IoT enthusiasts

Our story 

Birdz is a pioneer in the IoT – Internet of Things – for cities and public services. Formed from the merger of m2ocity and Homerider Systems in 2018, Birdz has acquired companies such as Neroxis and FluksAqua. With over 20 years of experience and over 3,300 cities under management, Birdz puts excellence and innovation at the centre of its approach: we design sensors and network products, deploy IoT networks, develop software, collect and analyse over 350 million pieces of data every day to identify environmental issues and save our planet’s resources.


  • 2000 – Creation of Homerider Systems

By two French entrepreneurs, Robert Frati and Dominique Sèze

  • 2002 – First connected water meters installed

First smart water management project in France

  • 2010 – First million connected objects

1 million smart water meters deployed

  • 2011 – Creation of m2ocity

Veolia and Orange create m2ocity to develop the market for smart water services

  • 2018 – Creation of Birdz

Resulting from the merger of Homerider Systems and m2ocity

  • 2019 – Over 3 million IoT devices

Birdz is now the largest IoT provider for cities and public services in Europe

  • 2020 – Birdz expands its offer

Birdz now covers all topics related to smart cities: from smart water management to energy efficiency in buildings, smart waste management and air quality analysis

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