Successfully transition your model to Industry 4.0

Climate changes affecting our local areas

Increasing climatic and environmental upheavals have made us brutally aware of the effects of the way we live on the delicate balance of our planet. Industrial production is one of the first human activities to be singled out for its environmental impact. It’s true that to meet their economic needs, industrial actors consume water, energy and raw materials to transform and produce goods and services to meet their economic needs. Today, there is no such thing as a non-polluting industrial activity, nevertheless, all industries are examining their production model to ensure that it is part of an approach that protects ecosystems.


The new industrial revolution: producing whilst protecting ecosystems

For manufacturers, finding the balance between production and limiting environmental impacts, while maintaining a good level of economic competitiveness, is the major challenge for the future. Among other things, it is a question of monitoring the consumption of natural resources more closely, whilst limiting waste and reducing costs. The challenge facing manufacturers is to optimise their overall productivity, while improving their environmental footprint.


Manufacturing in a more virtuous way thanks to new technologies

Birdz supports manufacturers in the transition of their model to Industry 4.0. The transformation of industrial uses through new digital services allows them to see, understand and optimise their energy and environmental footprint. It meets the needs of consumers and local areas, while protecting a sustainable economic balance. Connected sensors, IoT, artificial intelligence, digital management of the data collected… Our solutions meet all the challenges facing manufacturers, from controlling consumption (measurement of fluids, water, electricity and gas) to optimising waste collection, and including the protection of biodiversity and health issues (air and water quality, etc.).

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More than technology: real expertise

While we believe that technology and tools are fundamental to meeting the challenges of Industry 4.0, we are convinced that your experience in the industrial sector, your knowledge of the field and of the economic challenges of your markets are determining factors in the choice of the solutions we propose to implement.

Our wealth is our teams: technicians, engineers, project managers, all of whom put their expertise and experience at the service of your challenges.

They make our solutions simple to implement, flexible, modern and efficient, but also strong, committed and responsible community actions.

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