Management of the environmental consumption of buildings

Buildings are now the biggest consumers of energy. We have designed a package to reduce and better manage the energy expenses of buildings.


Buildings at the crossroads of ecological challenges

In France, buildings are the largest consumers of energy. They account for 44% of energy consumption, compared to 31% for transport. This consumption generates more than 123 million tonnes of greenhouse gases. Moreover, natural resources are running out. However, the scarcer fossil fuels become, the more the decrease in supply will lead to higher costs, particularly for the heating of buildings. In this context, French Law No. 2015-992 of 17 August 2015 aims to ensure that all buildings in the French building inventory reach low energy consumption levels at a rate of 500,000 energy renovations per year.


Solving the environment-comfort-economy equation

As the guardian of one or more buildings, you are at the intersection of these challenges. You must work to improve the well-being of occupants by ensuring the correct functioning and maintenance of the water, gas and electricity systems. At the same time, you need to ensure the energy performance of these buildings, complying with current regulations and maintaining an affordable energy bill.


Measuring and monitoring to control the energy consumption of buildings

Birdz has designed a package to control the energy consumption of your buildings.

This consumption monitoring system (water, gas and electricity) provides continuous information on activity from meters and so enables an alert to be triggered in the event of abnormal consumption. Birdz equips meters, ensures the installation of the IoT network and the provision of data visualisation software.

The wide range of sensors and technologies that we use means we can adapt to any physical building configuration, from public buildings to hotels and small businesses.

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Why monitor the activity of your buildings?

Precise energy measurement

Control of consumption

Limit wastage

Be alerted in the event of problems

How does our solution work? 

With remote reading of meters (water, gas and electricity) and the presentation of the data from these communicating objects in a business portal, we offer you the opportunity to continuously monitor your consumption and receive alerts in the event of waste. We help you to reach your objectives:

  • Financial – achieving sustainable water and energy savings with a rapid return on investment.
  • Investment – by assessing the relevance of energy-saving trade-offs in buildings and monitoring wear and tear on equipment.
  • Heritage – by participating in energy certification schemes.
  • Regulatory – by improving the carbon footprint of buildings and their compliance with current regulations.

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