Optimise and simplify your waste collection with our IoT solutions

Birdz offers a digital solution to manage and optimise your waste collection rounds for local authorities, manufacturers and event sites.

Why optimise your waste collection?

Visualise the filling of your containers continuously

Plan your collection rounds to operate only when necessary

Predict when your containers will be overflowing

Save up to 25% on your waste collection

Our solutions

How does our solution work?

The waste containers are fitted with sensors (FilLink from Birdz, Single Sensor 3.0 and Quatro Sensor from Sensoneo) that measure the fill level and transmit this information daily.


This data is analysed and summarised in our dashboard: BinVision. This application offers a cartographic, colour-coded view of the containers to be collected as a priority. A planning engine automatically calculates the rounds to be carried out according to the fill level and the constraints of the service (access, availability of lorries, calendar, etc.).

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