Optimisation of waste collection from event sites

Monitor the filling of your containers, and optimise waste collection during events.

Meet your objectives by optimising your waste collection 

The collection of waste on event sites is now an important issue for organisers. A range of different problems can be encountered. The first being the risk of containers overflowing, which may upset event participants and has a direct impact on the environment. The second is a material and financial issue, because a lot of resources are sometimes spent on collecting containers that are only partially full or even empty.

Faced with these ecological, human and financial challenges, we provide an IoT solution designed to simplify your waste collection. 


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We equip the inside of your containers with sensors to calculate their fill level. There are also beeper buttons on the outside, so that staff can signal a possible overflow risk. The sensors send the data to our portal, which calculates the fill level in real time enabling the estimation of when the container will be full via an algorithmic calculation.  The data is then processed and displayed in an application, giving you an overview at any time of your entire container fleet.

Using the data collected by the various sensors, our solution offers you an optimised collection round, allowing you to concentrate only on the containers that are almost full. 

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The advantages of our solution

Avoidance of overflow

Improvement of the fill rate

Reduction in collection time by 20 to 30%

Reduction in distance travelled by 15 to 20%

Control of costs linked to collection

Savings on container maintenance

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