Reduce the environmental footprint and expenditure in your local authority area

Technical directors at the centre of environmental challenges

Technical directors play a strategic role in the environmental challenges faced by local authorities. Their mission is to ensure the proper functioning and optimisation of technical services, against a background of legal, qualitative, societal, environmental and financial constraints. Their role gives them the opportunity to act in a pragmatic way while limiting the environmental footprint of the authority and the public.


IoT: a response to the problems of technical directors

Ensuring water safety compliance, optimising waste collection, guaranteeing air quality in public buildings, developing whilst protecting biodiversity… these are all challenges to be taken up by technical directors in a context of very strict budgetary and regulatory constraints.

In response, Birdz offers technological and digital solutions for the monitoring and management of the environmental footprint of local authority areas. Connected objects, the IoT, artificial intelligence, data aggregation platforms, digital management of the city’s assets… These technologies ensure remote monitoring of all the equipment deployed in a local authority area. Technical directors have access to a comprehensive dashboard of relevant indicators. They warn in case of anomalies or overconsumption, enable the scheduling of the intervention of relevant services where necessary, ensure the management of energy consumption in municipal buildings. The result is a significant reduction in carbon footprint, and cost control.

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We are convinced that technology and data collection are essential means in the management and control of local authority resources. Far from being a substitute for people, our solutions are based on the knowledge and experience of technical service directors and their teams. This is why, in addition to technology, our added value also lies in the talented people we make available to local authorities: technicians, engineers, project managers, etc. Their expertise will come together with yours, to deploy innovative turnkey solutions that are easy to roll out. Intelligence gathered from the data combined with that from your teams will enable you to achieve your environmental objectives.

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