Optimisation of waste collection from industrial sites

Monitor the filling of your containers, and optimise waste collection from your industrial sites.


The challenges of waste collection optimised for industrial sites 

These days, industrial sites are confronted with important challenges related to waste and the environment. The increase in the number of storage containers makes collection more difficult. A range of different problems can be encountered. The first being overflowing containers, blocking a collection point and having a direct impact on people occupying the site as well as the surrounding environment. The second is non-optimised collection, resulting in the mobilisation of material, financial and human resources for containers that aren’t full.


Faced with these challenges, we offer a solution that optimises the collection of your waste from industrial sites via the IoT. 

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We equip your containers with sensors that measure the fill rate, as well as buttons on the outside which enable operators to trigger alerts. Our sensors send the information to our portal, via a secure connection protocol, where the data is centralised and processed. This data is presented to you in a dedicated application that allows you to view the level of all the containers in your fleet in real time.


Our application then provides you with an optimised collection list enabling you to focus your efforts on places where waste collection is needed. 

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The advantages of our solution

Avoidance of overflow

Optimisation of the fill rate

Reduction in collection time by 20 to 30%.

Control of collection costs

Savings on container maintenance

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