Our remote water meter reading solution

What is remote meter reading?

Drinking water networks are essential to a local area and its population. They are used to supply water to every customer and therefore represent major financial and societal challenges. These networks, generally designed many years ago, do not offer accurate or immediate information on their condition, making it difficult to identify leaks, monitor the quality of the network or correctly calculate its output.


Remote reading of water meters keeps you continuously up to date with the situation in your water network. Fitting water meters with IoT sensors enables better control of output, accurate monitoring of customer consumption, identification of any problems and reduction of waste due to leaks.


Detecting anomalies via connected water meters

With over 20 years of experience in the field of remote meter reading, Birdz offers solutions that are at the cutting edge of water operators’ needs. Our IoT sensors are compatible with all major meter brands and offer a wide choice of radio connectivity. Our solution is designed to offer the best digital water metering experience by being adapted to the specificities of a local area.

For example, it means you receive alerts when a meter signals an abnormal situation: probable leak, risk of freezing, backflow, absence of consumption. Operational teams are then alerted and can intervene quickly.


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How does our remote water meter reading solution work? 

Birdz designs connected sensors for water meters that are compatible with a range of radio technologies to adapt to customers’ needs, including LoRaWan & Homerider. Meter data is collected and aggregated by our IoT platform. Relevant business indicators are calculated and transmitted to the operating teams or to end customers of the ready-to-use ergonomic applications. These data are also exported in the form of streams adapted to our customers’ IT architecture (API; FTP; data repository).


The advantages of remote meter reading for local areas

Monitor your network output

Detect leaks

Reduce water wastage

Improve billing processes

Monitor the activity of your subscribers

Manage your meters remotely, without having to intervene at your customers’ premises

Improve service quality and control costs

Remote meter reading in figures:

  • Reduction in individual consumption by up to 10%.
  • Reduction in leakage at customers’ premises by up to 20%.
  • Reduction in individual bills by up to €13.50 (approximately).
  • Reduction in maintenance costs via more targeted actions.

Our commitments 

  • Guarantees the quality of the data delivered for optimal use.
  • Guarantees data delivery.
  • Different service level agreements available.

Our IoT project methodology  

You are a local authority or a company with a public-service delegation. You supply drinking water and manage water meters in a local area. Learn more about our project methodology:


  • Step 1: We analyse your context and technical constraints.
  • Step 2: We work with you to set your objectives.
  • Step 3: We choose the most appropriate solution and calculate the likely ROI.
  • Step 4: We deploy sensors and provide you with count data and alarms detected by our sensors. 

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