Smart Water

Beyond water metering, Birdz also provides the solutions to tackle all the water challenges, drastically reduce water consumption and enhance water quality. Birdz’s 20 years expertise in IoT joined with Veolia’s expertise in water management makes our solution unique in the world.

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Water Leak Detection

Monitor water pressure and deploy noise loggers to detect water leaks in drinkable water pipelines and address the challenge of waste of water and non-invoiced water. We also provide Fire Hydrant monitoring to identify water waste and safety issues.

Water Quality

Birdz monitors water quality to identify issues generated by global warming or terrorism. Monitoring water chlorine, turbidity or conductivity helps identify major potential health issues on populations.

How does it work ?

Birdz designs water quality sensors and other products that monitor water parameters and communicate through a variety of low power area networks, including 2G/3G, Homerider and LoRaWAN. Water pressure, temperature, conductivity and other water data are collected by the Birdz IoT platform and delivered to your company or to your end-customers as a ready-to-use App or in the data format of your choice (e.g. daily exports, cloud data lake).

Illustrations of our solutions

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Do you provide drinking water in a city or for a utility ? Let’s get in touch and run through our project methodology:

Step 1 : Analyze your context and technical constraints

Step 2 : Select the most appropriate solution that suits your needs

Step 3 : Deploy sensors and provide you with water management data as well as alarms detected by our sensors

... and get outstanding benefits

Reduce the waste of water

Our solution detects water leaks

Identify water quality issues

Our solution provides you with all water quality data and associated alarms

Identify water leaks

In your water pipelines as well as on fire hydrants