Tank level monitoring

Birdz provides solutions to monitor how full your tanks are and anticipate your refueling process. Our products are customized for any kind of tank : gas, fuel, liquid and AdBlue. We provide solutions to gas stations as well as to any other industries. Our products are ATEX certified to operate in difficult conditions.   

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savings in the filling process

Gas Tank Filling

Our solutions are used by gas stations to monitor each gas tank and anticipate emptiness. Our products are designed to be installed in harsh conditions but also to communicate to the central software even if they are underground.

Fuel Tank Filling

Our products are ATEX certified to operate in an explosive atmosphere. They also benefit from Birdz's 20 years of experience to deliver IoT network which can connect devices & sensors even when they are difficult to reach from a communication standpoint.

How does it work ?

Birdz designs filling levels which are customized for various types of tanks and liquids or gas to monitor. Our sensors communicate through a variety of low power area networks, including Homerider and LoRaWAN. Filling levels are collected by the Birdz IoT platform and delivered through user-friendly applications or as alarms to your cell phones

Illustrations of our solution