KAPTA, Water Quality Sensor

The KAPTA sensor is a professional water quality sensor. It provides you with the level of chlore, as well as water conductivity, turbidity, absolute pressure and temperature. Birdz designs several versions of the KAPTA to fit with your needs.   

Supported Networks

Kapta Water Quality Sensor

Key features

KAPTA is a unique water quality sensor. It doesn’t contain  any chemicals which provides a longer lifetime without maintenance. In addition, the KAPTA sensor is designed to be energy efficient. It benefits from Birdz’s expertise in IoT to maximize data collection while reducing power consumption.

Metering values

HOCl, HOBr or ClO2 monitoring

Water conductivity

Water turbidity

Absolute water pressure


Alarms collected

No chlore

Chlore getting lower

Pipeline issue detection

Detection of organic matters


2G/3G communication

Low maintenance

No chemical reactives for a lower maintenance cost

Data analytics & exports data flow

Encrypted data flow