Protection of surface water resources

A major challenge of the 21st century 

Large urban areas continue to become more heavily populated with an ever-increasing number of inhabitants. The demand for water is increasing in line with this development. With it, the risks of pollution are multiplying: everyday human activities, industries, intensive agriculture, mobility… are all potential sources of deterioration in water quality.


In addition, there is seasonal pollution worsened by climate change: proliferation of algal blooms, overflows following floods, etc.


Protecting the resource at its source 

Securing surface water resources is therefore a major challenge for increasingly urban societies. Water quality and the related cost depend to a large extent on the performance of urban drinking water management services, but the most important factor is the quality of the water in the place where it is abstracted. It is therefore necessary to monitor and protect the quality of the resource upstream of the abstraction. However, the qualitative monitoring of water resources is often insufficient to ensure active management that anticipates and manages these difficult situations.


An operational and modular solution to meet the needs of communities 

SWARM is the efficient and innovative answer to monitoring surface water resources. 


Our solution provides an operational and modular response to the needs of communities through monitoring of water resources. The SWARM system is an excellent solution because of the number of potential measurement points and the resulting information processing capacity. Its low installation and maintenance requirements and its great adaptability make it very attractive from a financial point of view.

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Why monitor water quality with SWARM?

Equipment requiring little maintenance

Easy to set up

Adaptable to your needs

Continuous monitoring of water quality

Alerts in the event of problems

Many data measured

How does our solution work? 

With the SWARM system, the water operator can continuously monitor key parameters of surface water quality and condition: conductivity, temperature, velocity, depth, dissolved oxygen, pH, turbidity, organic matter, chlorophyll

A, phycocyanins and phycoerythrins.


Using a mix of solar and wind power, this solution is energy autonomous.

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SWARM, in brief, offers: 

  • Protection of the heritage of surface water resources.
  • Rapid detection of changes in water quality.
  • Limit to the economic impacts of any pollution.
  • The ability to protect and inform all citizens concerned about accidental or intentional contamination and about the condition of the resource.
  • Identification of the risks and critical points likely to impact the water resource in the local area.
  • Control of quantitative and qualitative water resource management strategy.

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