Smart water metering using BIRDZ radio (walk-by, drive-by) or remote (Fixed Network) metering solutions offers numerous applications for the supplier, local authority and consumer alike.

BIRDZ offers a wide range of services, from traditional remote meter reading to assistance with billing, detection of leaks downstream from the meter, detection of potential tampering, the creation of customer consumption models, and turnover forecasts. The data reported also makes it possible to monitor metrological performance over time across a meter fleet.


BIRDZ offers a wide range of solutions designed to help suppliers and local authorities monitor and optimise water grid performance.

BIRDZ makes it possible to quantify and reduce the volume of unbilled water. To achieve this, we analyse the volumes supplied and consumed within a specific water district via the consumption levels of district meters, general and individual water meters, fire hydrants and wash-out hydrants.

BIRDZ doesn’t just help you collect data: we provide comprehensive grid management assistance. Our services enable you to make informed decisions about the maintenance and management of your assets.



Water suppliers across the globe are faced with the challenge of providing drinking water via supply grids and continuously ensuring its quality. As such, it is crucial to have sensors capable of monitoring the quality of the drinking water grid in real time.

BIRDZ is a leader in the monitoring and control of water quality. Using innovative products such as KAPTA™, monitored fire hydrants and G2 and G3 smart meters, BIRDZ is able to identify events and deviations in the quality of the water on the grid and thus facilitate analysis and intervention by suppliers.

In addition, BIRDZ monitors the time spent by the water within the grid and its temperature, two crucial elements for optimal water quality.

The success of this solution has been proven at various sporting, cultural and political events, as well as on the scale of entire cities.

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